The corrugation process eliminates bacteria

When it comes to food, most people want to feel fulfilled by nothing less than clean kitchens. Unfortunately, even the food made in the most meticulously cleaned kitchens may be vulnerable to unwanted bacteria amassed during shipping to various supermarkets. However, it is now known that corrugated boxes contain less contaminants thanks to the actual corrugation process involved. Read on to learn more about the corrugation of the finest boxes and its benefits.

Cardboard, in its purest form, is but a thin sheet of strong paper. Even though this form is more solid, resistant and sturdier than paper, it lacks of efficiency as a packaging material. Corrugation fixes this issue, since it consists in sandwiching two layers of flimsy cardboard with a sinusoidal line of another sheet, which results in a sturdy finish we see on many products. To reach this ultimate boxing solution, cardboard goes through the corrugation process (described in the previous sentence), which neutralizes and kills bacteria. Microbiologists revealed in a study created by Packworld that the heat and duration involved in the corrugation technique are sufficient to ensure a clean cardboard box. To be more precise, temperatures attaining 200 degrees Fahrenheit lasting around 9 seconds are what we typically witness during the corrugation process. Once the cardboard is altered, the majority of the bacteria is eliminated. This cleaner packaging is particularly useful in the food industry, where consumed ingredients must be clean. As a result, companies in the food industry often prioritize corrugated boxes to contain and ship their merchandize because they are cheap, customizable and, as we have just learned, clean.


And so, the corrugation process not only evolves cardboard into an extremely versatile and strong form, it also neutralizes bacteria. As a result, it certainly is safe to conclude that corrugated cardboard boxes serve usefully the food industry for all its packing and distribution needs. Belley delivers these boxes in their highest quality and is the definitive solution for your clean packaging needs. See our “Structural Conception” page to learn more about our product.


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