Belley and the Industrial Products’ Sector

With total manufacturing employment exceeding 157,000 in 2014 in this industrial sector alone, according to the Arizona Commerce Authority, the manufacturing industry is a salient contributor to the state of Arizona’s economy. Complimentary to this industry is the supply of production goods necessary to the development, conception and creation of the final consumer product, otherwise known as Industrial Products. Unfortunately, with products’ sizes ranging from a tiny metal bolt to a 2-ton press, the Industrial Products’ industry faces a challenge with its packaging. Should companies order an enormous quantity of boxes that fit every one of their products? If so, how much precious square footage should be sacrificed in order to store these boxes?

Fortunately, here at Belley, we offer custom corrugated boxes capable of fitting any product according to its exact dimensions, all while guaranteeing protection with any desired aesthetic exterior. Furthermore, thanks to Belley’s just-in-time service, you will not even have to give up floor space for box storage, thus maximising your company’s cashflow. Read more about Belley’s solutions to the issues faced by the Industrial Products’ sector; custom-made for you, and just-in-time delivery.


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