Cooper Standard

Boîtes sur mesure automobiles - Automotive custom boxes

The automotive industry, in all of its aspects, is a competitive business. Being the #1 supplier of systems and components in this field, Cooper Standard knows how to satisfy the client. Imagine over 50 automobile parts sold by this company. Now, imagine all those 50 parts packaged with the same boxes. This would be an unfortunate problem since the small components would be uselessly over-packaged, while the bigger parts would just not fit. In addition to this theoretical complication, lack of space could be an issue if the packaging was stored in Cooper Standard’s places of business. Finally, this customer of ours sometimes needs to deliver their products in a tight schedule, and so the absence of a planning system could cause their sales to be delivered late, which would undoubtedly be a problem.

In this case study, the client thanks Belley for the custom boxes. The immense variety of components sold by the customer definitely need individual custom packaging in order to save unnecessary cardboard, and also to save space. When it comes to the creation and designing of the box, possibilities here at Belley know no limits. In Cooper Standard’s case, we structurally designed and built boxes with much heterogeneity to accommodate and protect different car parts the automotive industry needs. 

In the eyes of Cooper Standard, Belley’s greatest advantage is its “warehouse ready-to-go” service. As mentioned previously, storing the client’s packaging would drastically reduce efficient space, especially for an important company of these proportions. We understand space is crucial for businesses and that storing boxes would reduce cashflow, which is why we store them for the client. 

To add to our solutions for potential problems, our planning system does wonders for customers like Cooper Standard. We not only know and store the precise quantity of boxes needed for their shipments, we also strategically plan the delivery accordingly. Cooper Standard appreciates our planning and delivery since its pace of business is fast and demands a certain attention. 

In the end, to quote the client, “we will definitely need Belley’s versatility in the future”. We here at Belley avoided lack of space by providing their box storage, provided custom boxes to fit all complicated components, and got rid of unnecessary delays by delivering the correct quantity of boxes just in time.

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