Corrugated Cardboard and the Cleanliness of Food

The versatility of corrugated cardboard has been capitalized on throughout its existence, from liners for tall hats in the late 1800s to foldable VR (virtual reality) goggles in the 21stcentury. This said, of all the industries that use this lightweight material to package, protect and ship their products, which one is cardboard’s biggest beneficiary? The answer may come as a surprise to some amid this era of e-commerce sales: the food industry. 

Indeed, the food industry is currently the cardboard industry’s single largest purchaser, with over 31% of corrugated cardboard products having been sold for food production and packaging alone, according to the Fibre Box Association. The reason behind such high demand may be attributed to the multiple advantages the corrugation process brings to the table, namely cleanliness and protection. As explained in an article we have previously published, the heat generated by the corrugation process, as well as the time of exposure to this heat, neutralizes bacteria. Consequently, Belley’s corrugated boxes are a cleaner alternative to their paper counterpart. As for protection, corrugated cardboard offers a sturdier line of defense than flimsy paper or single-sheet cardboard for food-related products, most of which often rely on presentation (and cleanliness). 

On top of the aforementioned advantages, Belley offers structural and conceptual customization, as well as just-in-time delivery. As a result, our clients can procure attention-grabbing boxes that are designed in accordance with their products’ exact specifications, therefore reducing packaging waste. Lastly, delivering our client’s boxes just-in-time liberates square-footage in their warehouses, thus maximizing their cashflow.

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