Growth in E-Commerce

The evolution of electronic commerce - La croissance du commerce électronique

In 2016, e-commerce had grown to reach $1.67 trillion in worldwide sales, which represents an enormous leap of 25% since 2014. Packaging for the millions of products sold online therefore need to be available. Since e-commerce mainly includes shopping online, sales often follow irregular schedules, depending on what is being ordered and when. This said irregularity is part of what differs e-commerce to regular, physical shopping. Also, the actual shipping of the products takes enormous amounts of packaging capable of protecting the object for long distances. How can these issues regarding boxes be addressed? We here at Belley offer the complete solution.

First of all, the issue of irregularity in sales needs to be addressed. When consumers purchase a product on the web, the seller is not notified of this purchase in advance. Instead, it receives the order when it is placed. Bulk online sellers then must order the packaging for their products to quickly ship out what was ordered, whereas store sellers already have the boxes ready for their sales. Products cannot be shipped without their packaging, and to wait for the packaging would cost too much time. A solution to this problem would be to store the boxes in your warehouses, right? Wrong, since the cost of space to store the boxes would have as much of a negative impact on your company’s cashflow as the cost of time waiting for the packaging. 

Second of all, the actual shipping of a product takes a lot of packaging, which is a problem. Packaging for products sold in e-commerce is doubled since it not only needs the regular exterior layer with the picture of the product and company logo, it also needs the extra box to protect the product and its first layer of eye-candy. However, to protect and sell the product all while reducing the quantity of material used is possible. Highly customizable boxes designed for the different products they carry can defend economically since their size would depend on the contents instead of just enveloping a product with multiple layers of packaging until secure. To work intelligently is better than to work carelessly. 

In the end, the continuity of e-commerce’s growth is inevitable. And so, when challenges arise, Belley offers a solution. See how Belley avoids tardy shipments with services like Warehouse Ready-to-Go and Free Delivery. Just Enough, Just in Time. Also, read on about our customization possibilities via our Structural Design Conception and Creative Design services.

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