Just-in-time’s Advantages to Microbreweries

From the brewing equipment to the colossal storage tanks, beer brewing requires a considerable amount of space. This being mentioned, imagine giving up some much-needed floor space, which could potentially be used to increase beer production, only to store your product’s packaging. For some companies in the brewing industry, square footage is sacrificed in order to accommodate massive quantities of their beer’s boxes, thus depicting this exact reality. Fortunately, an advantageous solution is available to microbreweries, along with all other companies whom substitute production for box storage, which will allow your warehouse space to be used at maximal efficiency. The solution is Belley, since our unmatched just-in-time service guarantees our clients’ exact demand of boxes to be delivered precisely when they need it.


Just-in-time delivery is an inventory management system which consists in providing exact amounts of products to clients according to their demand. Obviously, in Belley’s case, the product we deliver just-in-time is corrugated boxes. Our delivery, with its proven reliability, rapidity and efficiency, offers numerous advantages to, in this case, our microbrewery clients. For example, since certain brewers sell an increasingly growing variety of beer, new packaging must often be created, tested and possibly modified. Therefore, Belley’s just-in-time service eliminates the difficulties linked to purchasing huge numbers of boxes for new products. Consequently, our brewer customers do not waste space and money by keeping many boxes, which need modifications, they have already bought. Also, as mentioned previously, another advantage to Belley’s just-in-time delivery is the space maximisation it brings to our customers’ warehouses/production lines. For instance, in urbanised areas such as Vancouver, square footage is extremely expensive. As a result, companies must find ways to efficiently cover their available floor space with operations which generate the most cashflow. Knowing product inventory already occupies space without, as it lays in the warehouse, generating revenue, packaging inventory represents even more square footage which unnecessarily reduces production potential. So, by taking advantage of Belley’s just-in-time service to receive specific quantities of packaging, clients can use the packaging inventory’s floor space to allow money-generating operations to increase cashflow.


To conclude, microbreweries, as well as all other companies with inventory, should not have to waste precious floor space for their products’ packaging. Instead, they should opt for Belley’s just-in-time delivery, which saves square footage, money and any need for packaging inventory.


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