Our Collective Efforts Against COVID-19

The unpredictably rapid spread of COVID-19 and its repercussions have undoubtedly shaken our personal lives and the economy as we know them. In an effort to help in any way possible and to sustain operations, several of Belley’s customers have had to creatively adapt to the pandemic. They have become manufacturers of products deemed essential to the ongoing struggle against COVID-19. Being the packaging distributor for these companies, we at Belley feel honoured to partake in these efforts within the realm of our capacity. The ensuing article aims to acknowledge and describe examples of such endeavours by some of our customers.

Logistik Unicorp – a security uniform company located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu – normally specializes in developing high-grade uniform programs for a diverse clientele of corporate and governmental organizations. In an effort to help protect Canada’s frontline workers in the medical sector, the Canadian company has shifted its focus toward producing medical gowns. In the early weeks of April, Logistik Unicorp had set an initial objective of manufacturing up to 200,000 gowns per week. As the circumstances unfortunately worsened, the Canadian Government in Ottawa reacted in part by drastically increasing its demand for medical supplies such as these gowns. Consequently, Logistik Unicorp stepped up and now expects to distribute over 11 million medical gowns across Canada’s medical sector in the coming months. This represents approximately 400,000 to 500,000 gowns per week, or double the initial objective they had set in April. Read more about Logistik Unicorp’s contributions in this article.

Samuelsohn – a luxury menswear company located in Montreal – has also adapted its production towards providing much-needed medical equipment for healthcare workers. By leveraging its equipment and the talent of its operators, Samuelsohn has converted its Montreal factory into a gown-manufacturing operation. The luxury menswear company has produced approximately 200,000 disposable, medical-grade gowns for frontline healthcare workers across the province of Quebec up to date, and anticipates producing even more in the near future. Once again, Samuelsohn is a shining example of a company stepping up to generously contribute to the COVID-19 efforts. Read more about Samuelsohn’s generous benefaction on their website.

PUR Vodka – producer of the world’s most awarded Canadian vodka – has temporarily shifted its focus away from the production of its esteemed alcohol to meet an inflated demand for sanitary products. Being aware of the urgency of the current circumstances, the Montreal-based company efficiently developed a recipe for liquid hand disinfectant based on 70% ethanol. The Quebec company’s cleaning agent has met national regulatory requirements and has earned its spot on the list of hand sanitizers authorized by Health Canada. Furthermore, PUR Vodka’s newfound product is not subject to circumstantial delays in the international supply chain as its disinfectant is locally made in Quebec. Through its creative initiative, PUR Vodka aims to tackle the shortages of sanitary products in Canada’s medical sector and in Canadian households. Read more about PUR Vodka’s inventive creation on their website.

BluePearl Distillery – a Quebec company known for producing high-grade artisanal alcohol – wants to creatively take advantage of the sanitary properties of its regular products to produce a gin-based hand sanitizer. Indeed, the distillation process results in a small remnant of alcohol that is not suitable for consumption. As such, Blue Pearl has the capacity to repurpose the aforementioned remnant of alcohol into an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. With the company’s newfound product, Blue Pearl hopes to alleviate shortages of sanitary products in the Canadian medical sector as well as in the country’s households. In addition to helping the medical sector and individuals, Blue Pearl aims to distribute its hand sanitizer to truckers so that they can maintain proper hygiene despite the fact that rest stops across the country are shut down due to the circumstances. Read more about Blue Pearl’s creative contribution in this article (article is in French only).



In addition to continuously providing boxes to companies deemed essential, one of Belley’s chapters launched a local initiative of distributing sanitary baskets to our customers in Vancouver, BC. These baskets – which were delivered by Belley employees wearing gloves and face masks – contained necessary products for maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment: bottles of liquid hand sanitizer, gloves, and face masks.

Belley applauds the efforts and creative thinking of these aforementioned partners, and of any and all entities trying to do their part in addressing unfulfilled demands amid the pandemic. We hope you are all staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. We invite our partners to let us know what challenges the circumstances have brought them and how we can help in solving them. Challenges stimulate us!




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