Packaging and the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a key part of both the United States’ massive economy and its population’s health. According to the Statistics Portal, the United States represents approximately 45% of the entire world’s pharmaceutical market. In Arizona alone, the Arizona Commerce Authority has concluded that the bioscience & healthcare industry employs over 320, 000 Americans. Needless to say, an industry of such proportions and importance means enormous quantities of pharmaceutical products and equipment, all produced in different shapes and sizes, are being sold and distributed across the country, and across the world. Furthermore, life-saving products, such as medicine, require sanitary conditions propitious to their conservation. Therefore, what is the best solution for pharmaceutical companies to ship vast quantities of differently sized products all while ensuring the sanitary protection of medicine? Here at Belley, with our custom-made boxes, we can conceive packaging with the appropriate dimensions and desired design to fully protect your company’s products without wasting shipping space. Additionally, thanks to the heat implied in this process, the corrugation of our boxes is proven to eliminate bacteria, enabling our packaging to be among the safest and cleanest options for the pharmaceutical industry. Read more about our custom boxes, and why Belley is the right solution to your company’s packaging needs.

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