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This customer in the fashion industry grew, in the lapse of 30 years, from a warehouse space of 10,000 square feet to over 1,000,000 square feet today. Peerless Clothing International, the largest supplier of Canadian made and imported men’s tailored clothing to most major department and specialty store retailers in the United States, knows how the supply business works. An essential part of this process is the packaging in which the product is placed. For suits and clothing, boxes are trickier to design. Also, to supply North America, not having enough boxes at the right time would be a problem. Lastly, storing all the clothing’s packaging in their own warehouse would cost Peerless too much necessary space, which could be used more efficiently.

Designing a product’s packaging is important since the exterior needs to protect all while selling and fitting the interior. In Peerless’ case, a custom box is needed since clothing is long and thin. Normally, creating a corrugated box to fit a suit would be very hard because few are the companies that have access to equipment and cardboard suppliers capable of limitless possibilities.

Which one of the services has had the biggest impact on your company’s business, and why? This was the question asked to which Peerless replied how our “warehouse ready-to-go” was of enormous help. To quote the client, “why should we store over a million boxes when most of them are not needed at the moment?”. This statement is very true since, when you think about it, a company the size of Peerless ships out astonishing amounts of clothing with which comes the packaging. This aforementioned packaging, if stored in the client’s warehouse, would take up space that could be used more efficiently. In this client’s case, we set up a warehouse in proximity to their business in order to ensure their box needs are being met. This not only proves our devotion towards our clients, it also solves other potential issues. Belley’s warehouse, located close to Peerless, stores the corrugated boxes to save the client some space, thus providing cashflow, and also ships the exact amount of packaging needed to the customer, just enough, just in time. Peerless even mentioned how they sometimes call up to three trucks of boxes per day to their warehouse, which they greatly appreciate. 

To conclude, there is a solution to every problem here at Belley. Peerless, the North American clothing giant, could have had issues with custom boxes for their products, storage and quantity, but the did not with our help. We offer the complete solution, devoting ourselves to the client!  

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