The Importance of Packaging in Beer Sales

Emballage pour les ventes de bières

According to a study performed by Virginia Craft Beer, close to 30% of buyers walk down the beer aisle without knowing what they want to purchase? These buyers do not necessarily know the taste of their beer options, and so they rely solely on the appearance of the beer packaging. This being mentioned, a crucial part of a sale in beer is the structural conception of the container, as well as the creative design on this box.

To start off, the actual structural outline of the case containing the beers is an important aspect since protection cannot come in the way of selling. In other words, beer must avoid getting damaged all while attracting the customers. In this case (of beer), a custom box is required. Therefore, box companies and suppliers must find a way to make beer stand out with its design. However, some companies can only limit themselves to simpler exterior designing since their providers in material and machinery cannot construct a nicer box. Consequently, issues regarding the protection of the beer may come up, and/or how attracting (or repulsing) the beer looks because of the simple box.

To pursue, the outside creative design of the box is definitely of high importance. Beer cannot be chosen based on taste when it has yet to be tasted by the potential customer! As a result, the average consumer will base his decisions on the box’s appearance. A purchaser of mass-market brands normally spends less than 30 seconds choosing a beer brand to buy. As for the craft beer purchasers, an average of 4.5 minutes is spent deciding which brew is best. As a result, beer cases need an outstanding outside design to catch the consumers’ attention in under 4.5 minutes. However, printing on boxes is a complicated task since cardboard is of different texture. On that account, printing beautiful ideas on cardboard can be impossible for some, and bland pictures can be inevitable. 

To conclude, satisfying the many beer appreciators in the world comes from the beer itself. However, in order to attract the customer to the beer, an aesthetically pleasing custom box – which protects the drink – is needed. Although the perfect beer case is hard to find, Belley has the solution to your demands with our Custom-Made for You, Creative Design and Structural Conception services.

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