To Protect the Environment and your Product

Cardboard boxes that respect nature - Boîtes en carton et respect de l'environnement

Have you ever bought a new flat-screen tv only to find out the screen has been broken during shipping. Disappointing, right? Well, the tech industry knows how much of a problem this would be for sales and so they make sure their products are well protected. Layer after layer of cardboard and Styrofoam means the product is being protected, but not the environment. There is a solution to over packaging, a solution offered by Belley that also protects and sells the product.

Firstly, one of the reasons why products such as computers and televisions are so over packaged is because few are the box companies capable of customizing a package to fit and protect individual objects. In 2015, over 1.3 billion smartphones were sold worldwide, each with their individual packaging. A number this big means an even bigger amount of boxes has been used to protect these electronic devices. It would then be much more economical if, instead of over packaging each and everyone of the cellphones, custom boxes were made. However, most box companies limit themselves to what their material suppliers and machines can produce. This being said, protecting a product with exaggerated amounts of material is, for some companies, the unfortunate only solution.  

Secondly, the lack of recyclable material used in boxes for the tech industry is unforgiving to the environment. An estimated 407 million tablets will be shipped worldwide in 2017. Imagine the planetary consequences that could be created if all of these tablets were shipped with brand-new packaging. Also, the example previously mentioned is only for individual tablets, and it excluded the computers, televisions, printers, and other devices included in the tech industry sold every year. Environmentally friendly packaging is now a must, but not all box companies offer this advantage. Promoting a clean planet is a positive way of thinking, and the clients buying your products will think so too.

Lastly, we like our electronic products in perfect condition, but over packaging has too many disadvantages compared to making a custom box designed to protect the product with less material. Also, boxes made from recyclable and recycled material would drastically help our now fragile environment, especially considering the millions of products in the tech industry sold every year. Fortunately, the ideal solution, a custom made box from recycled material, is one of the many advantages Belley has to offer. See our Custom-Made for You and Structural Conception pages to understand how Belley will solve your problems.

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